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It’s Halloween Again

It’s Halloween Again Eleanor Elkins Halloween is here again With golden pumpkins all about, Goblins now will come a-spying, Witches through the air a-flying, Funny faces we’ll be buying At dark of night we’ll all go out. Halloween is here … Czytaj dalej

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The Easter Cakes

Source:”Old Polish Traditions in the Kitchen and at the Table” by Maria Lemnis i Henryk Vitry. Prep. Urszula Wystepek Easter, the most important Christian holiday, became the greatest culinary holiday in older Poland. When we read descriptions of Old Polish … Czytaj dalej

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Staten Island Polish Store Celebrates Traditional Easter in Poland

    There is a great sense of pride in Ewa Kozlowski’s voice when she speaks about how she and her husband came to America twenty years ago. They left Poland with their two children, one-and-half year old Paulina and three-year-old son, … Czytaj dalej

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