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FOREX – Foreign Currency Exchange Market

FOREX – Foreign Currency Exchange Market – is a worldwide interbank currency market which has no single center or exchange and at which thousands of participants operate on a daily basis – having different goals and different amounts of money … Czytaj dalej

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Holiday Spending 2000 National Survey says: Everyone Gets Massive Debt

Swiateczne Wydatki : Masowe zadluzenie Holiday Spending 2000 National Survey says: Everyone Gets Massive Debt     ROCKVILLE, MD – Americans plan to spend 45 percent more on holiday shopping than they did last year, according to the Second Annual Holiday Survey … Czytaj dalej

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POLISH AMERICANS The overlooked ethnic market

WXTV is not alone. WXTV is the most dominant Spanish station in New York City. Showing a steady gain in overall ratings, it still suffers from advertisers’ bias against minorities. While this plagues all minority news media agencies, this is … Czytaj dalej

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