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Don’t Let the Bear Run You Down

Marta V. Plampin As a financial advisor, I know that planning for retirement is a top priority for my clients. The economic slump of the past 24 months has many people worrying about their retirement savings. Many investors are learning … Czytaj dalej

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Women and Retirement Savings

By: Marta V. Plampin Women and men are Venus and Mars not only when it comes to communication styles. They’re often worlds apart in the challenges they face to build their retirement nest egg. Thanks to the Economic Growth and … Czytaj dalej

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FOREX – Foreign Currency Exchange Market

FOREX – Foreign Currency Exchange Market – is a worldwide interbank currency market which has no single center or exchange and at which thousands of participants operate on a daily basis – having different goals and different amounts of money … Czytaj dalej

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Survive the Holidays Without Going Broke or Insane.

Tips on Avoiding Family and Financial Stress How do you say no to your kids? ROCKVILLE, MD – „Balancing family, financial and other demands during the holidays can snowball into big stress,” says Mike Kidwell, vice president and co-founder of … Czytaj dalej

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