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Don’t Let the Bear Run You Down

Marta V. Plampin As a financial advisor, I know that planning for retirement is a top priority for my clients. The economic slump of the past 24 months has many people worrying about their retirement savings. Many investors are learning … Czytaj dalej

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By Bill Willers The Bush Administration proposes establishing „charter forests” by transferring authority of some national forests from the U.S. Forest Service to local „trusts” consisting largely of „user groups.” This, according to Mark Rey, would reduce management costs. Rey, … Czytaj dalej

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Time To End the Assault on Microsoft

by Raymond J. Keating Chief Economist Small Business Survival Committee Work hard, come up with a new or improved product or service, figure out how to market it, keep consumers happy, and you can succeed in this great country. A … Czytaj dalej

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Marta V. Plampin Whether your child is getting ready for kindergarten or the final year of high school, it’s smart to start preparing now for higher education expenses. With college costs steadily on the rise, the importance of a comprehensive … Czytaj dalej

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Czym sie rózni Alan Greenspan od „Titanica”?

Czym sie rózni Alan Greenspan od „Titanica”. Niczym, ale Oskara to on za zatopienie gieldy nie dostanie. Dow Jones i inne indeksy, w dniu gdy pisze te slowa, to jest 22 marca 2001 roku, w drugim dniu wiosny w Polsce, … Czytaj dalej

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Managing Your Assets in a Volatile Market

By Kenneth J. Meszaros, CPA We are in one of the toughest times when it comes to our investments. The terrible events of September 11 have shocked all of us and has caused a great deal of uncertainty, both in … Czytaj dalej

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President Bush And Congress Must Be Bold and Unified in Responding to the Economic Side of the September 11th Attacks.

By Darrell McKigney President, Small Business Survival Committee Our economy is now at a crucial point. For months the economy has been weakening. According to a recent analysis by economist Lawrence Kudlow, for the first two quarters of this year, … Czytaj dalej

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