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FOREX – Foreign Currency Exchange Market

FOREX – Foreign Currency Exchange Market – is a worldwide interbank currency market which has no single center or exchange and at which thousands of participants operate on a daily basis – having different goals and different amounts of money … Czytaj dalej

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USA Office Markets Update – What Now?

Arthur R. van der Vant According to the REALTORS Commercial Alliance Report the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, two of the country’s most prominent addresses, provided a dramatic ending to the near picture-perfect market conditions of … Czytaj dalej

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Managing Your Assets in a Volatile Market

By Kenneth J. Meszaros, CPA We are in one of the toughest times when it comes to our investments. The terrible events of September 11 have shocked all of us and has caused a great deal of uncertainty, both in … Czytaj dalej

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