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Kobiety, ach te kobiety. Czesc IX

Okres Mlodej Polski Kazdy wiek ma to do siebie, ze w koncu mija. Podobnie rzecz miala sie i z wiekiem XIX. Pod jego koniec coraz powszechniejsze stawalo sie niezadowolenie szerokich mas z panujacych stosunków spoleczno-politycznych. Narastal protest przeciwko zaborcom. W … Czytaj dalej

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Eva Nagorski talks to Viva Castellarin Seated in the corner entrance table at the Starbucks café, drinking hot tea to ease her fluish cold, Eva Nagorski’s eyes glittered. She spoke of her challenging career as a young woman involved in … Czytaj dalej

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KRAKOW: City of Transition

By Judy Cota As we flew into Poland in early July of 1988, Russian planes escorted our LOT flight through an air corridor into Warsaw. Poland was still under martial law and this monitoring was the first sign of that … Czytaj dalej

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Polanki: Milwaukee Polonia’s Movers and Shakers

On the second Friday of every month, a dedicated group of Milwaukee women get together and celebrate being Polish. They plan events, discuss sending coats to school for blind children in Warsaw, enjoy a cultural presentation on such subjects as … Czytaj dalej

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The Meaning of Being Abakanowicz

„Art has many meanings as our everyday experience, which has many meanings, that can not be explained in words.” This is one of the final statements that Magdalena Abakanowicz ended her lecture with at the Museum of Contemporary Art in … Czytaj dalej

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The Conrad R. Walas Family recently donated United Parcel Services (UPS) stock valued at $150,000 to the American Council for Polish Culture as a scholarship challenge grant. The stock was converted to cash and placed in an endowment fund, named … Czytaj dalej

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Wisconsin Professor Studies Poland’s ‚Glorious’ Violin Tradition

What began as a gesture of gratitude for a mentor became a dedicated study of Polish violin music for Professor Tyrone Grieve at Milwaukee’s Alverno College. Grieve recently shared his passion for Polish music in an energetic performance with collaborating … Czytaj dalej

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