The fastest growing B2B eMarketplace on the Net „Trade BBS” –
The fastest growing B2B eMarketplace on the Net.
A record US$530 million of products and services
posted on in January 2001

As Chairman of Limited, I would like to take this opportunity to thank POLISH NEWS MAGAZINE for maintaining as the No.1 International Trade Bulletin Board System on the Net and potentially the most powerful multi-industry business-to-business marketplace in Europe.

Our corporate strategy has two key goals:

1. To build the largest international community of small and medium sized companies looking to trade internationally.

2. To generate new business contacts and sales (orders) for our international business community.

These two goals go hand-in-hand. The bigger our community, the better chance has of generating new business contacts and sales for POLISH NEWS MAGAZINE …and when we achieve these results, you are happy and continue to use us. Simple logic! wants to become even better by increasing the probability of generating new quality business contacts and sales for you. Therefore, we welcome your readers — business friends and associates who buy and sell products and services internationally by visiting

We have currently 50,000 enterprises and welcome everyone to visit us and join our marketplace then would double the probability of producing results for Polish News readers.


    In order to help existing users and new visitors understand the benefits of using our trade bulletin board system, we have designed a simple „Guided Tour”. To access the Tour, go to

**TRADE RESOURCES FOR OUR REGISTERED USERS** has carefully selected a range of trusted suppliers of trade services that compliment our trading platform. These include: Business Web Services; Payment Solutions; Logistics Services; Business Services and Business Travel.



Total number posted in January 2001: 19,122 (NEW RECORD)

Companies from 189 countries posted a total of 19,122 trade opportunity notices on the Site last month, which beat the previous record of 18,804 (October 2000). This is all the more amazing taking into account that January is a traditionally slow start to the business year. It has been estimated that the value of goods and services posted onto our trading platform last month hit a new record level of US$530 million.


Total number in January 2001: 4,848 companies (new record) now has over 47,000 small and medium sized companies from around the world who have registered for FREE in order to post their trade opportunity notices. A record 4,848 new companies joined the community last month. A record 4,848 new companies registered with last month.

3. UNIQUE USERS (Visitors to the Site)

Total number in January 2001: 90,235 companies (new record)

More than 90,000 companies visited the web site last month. They were responsible for generating over 190,000 User Sessions (Record) and more than 21,000 e-mail sales inquiries to the trade opportunities posted on the site and more than 9.9 million hits.

4. E-MAIL SALES ENQUIRIES (Responses to Messages)

Total number in January 2001: 21,679 (NEW RECORD)

To date, a total of over 200,000 sales enquiries have been made via the e- mail response form below each trade opportunity notice on the site.


Total number in January 2001: 904,285 (RECORD)

To date, as Europe’s largest B2B marketplace for small and medium sized enterprises, continues to provide an excellent stage for corporations wishing to feature their „Banner Advertisements”. Clients have included Microsoft Corporation, American Express, Siemens, The Hertz Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation, Deere & Company (John Deere), VeriSign, Inc., The Financial Times Limited, Emirates Airlines, HSBC Holdings plc, Federal Express Corporation, IBM, Motorola Inc., Hoover’s Inc., United Parcel Service of America Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, MasterCard International Incorporated and Thomas Publishing Company.

Companies and organizations interested in our Banner Rates, please e-mail Eric Despalin,

**ABUSE WARNING – Combating Computer Fraud in B2B eMarketplaces”**

B2B eMarketplaces, like have become the target of a very small minority of deceitful and pathetic individuals operating fraudulent business scams via the Net. prides itself in being one of the few B2B eMarketplaces trying to eradicate on-line fraud. If a person(s) you believe is acting fraudulently has contacted you, please forward their name to us and also inform your local Computer Crime Unit, Interpol or the FBI.

We are continuing to persevere with our „Black List”, compiled as a direct result of legitimate users of our Site forwarding, by e-mail, the message and details of an individual potentially acting fraudulently.

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